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Need To Rest: Boston’s Hmmf battles to cope with the sad memories on ‘I Can’t Sleep’

Taken off his incredibly real new album that includes some eye-opening knowledge about PTSD called ‘Tears‘, Hmmf impresses highly with his latest single that needs a night light to calm his mind called ‘I Can’t Sleep’.

Dominic Pappas aka Hmmf, is a Quincy, Massachusetts-born, Boston, Massachusetts-based hip-hop artist who flows with so much meaning attached to each line that he drops.

Hmmf feels like the ultimate underdog warrior, a man who raps with a raw tone that falls into your lap and swerves viciously, to leave you impressed with his skills but concerned with his current mindset.

He raps with such a haunting sadness and anxiety, the street stories of losing so many of his friends growing up have caught up to him. His mind so locked up at the moment, as he searches for the key that will unlock all of his sorrows away into the sky, so he can breathe properly again.

This is the message of trying to sleep so bad but you just can’t — with too many worries and flashbacks that are keeping the mind wide awake — the brain needs healing and a rest so bad, so it can shut off and reboot.

I Can’t Sleep’ from top notch Boston emcee Hmmf, rustles the duvet of your mind, as you over-think and your eyes feel so heavy, as the dreaded demons follow your each thought. This is the paranoid warning to get your head right, before you are disturbed into tossing and turning — when you need to be resting and replenishing your armor — so you can achieve those dreams that are waiting for you under your awaiting pillow.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen