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Marcosth3frog drops the heat for us to warm up inside on Tu Y Yo

Sizzling through the airwaves like a modern-day hero awaiting his claim for the top-tier echelon, Marcosth3frog gets the flow alive with ideas on the catchy new single to swim deeply into on Tu Y Yo.

Marcosth3frog is a Montreal, Canada-based indie Latino rapper who has recently evolved his sound and makes those soothing hits to be played on repeat.

Impressing from all angles and never letting us go for a second, Marcosth3frog is a majestic track with a party atmosphere and shall surge up our emotions, and get those sleepy feet tapping again.

With smooth vocals and a bustling beat to turn up a little or a lot, this is the kind of song which will cause beaming smiles to drift through the sunshine.

Tu Y Yo from Montreal, Canada-based indie Latino rapper Marcosth3frog is one of the catchiest singles available to our souls right now. There is so much to appreciate about a song with a real bounce and rhythm, which will alleviate all worries like a flick of a switch.

Listen up on SoundCloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen