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Ravel Ward Asks You To Feel Them Waves

Take one part pop, one part electro, one part ambient and a whole packet of blissed out vibes and you find yourself in Ravel Ward’s musical playground. Feel Them Waves is a glorious slice of chilled pop rendered through a blend of futuristic electronica and skittering backbeats with a vocal top line which wanders between half rapped deliveries and smoother sung choruses.

This is pop with even the usual soft edges of the genre smoothed off even further, a synthwave odyssey that meanders through some bucolic electric dreamscapes but which is balanced by the robust nature of the vocal deliveries. Difficult to place perhaps, not your straight out pop song but strangely addictive, silkier than most modern R&B bombasts and more musically driven than your average rap song and oddly soulful in an alien sort of way. Then again, not everything needs a set place to exist, maybe it is just enough to keep you thinking and maybe if more artists adopted such an outsider status the musical landscape would be a more exciting place.