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GrainyPastel – Ovrdone: Kaleidoscopically Euphoric EDM

The Oklahoma-hailing independent music producer, GrainyPastel, siphoned euphoria through his latest entrancing EDM earworm, Ovrdone. The jazzed-up hip-house instrumental hit flexes its polyphonic charm as the snares meet the synths to spill a kaleidoscope of polished colour that will brighten any mood in just one hit.

His ambition and drive to spread the love through his high vibe productions sonically shines through in the transcendently electric feat of electronica, which refuses to colour inside the lines of an electronic sub-genre. You’d be incredibly hard-pressed to find another electronica producer with a more vibrant sonic signature. When he’s not crafting floor-fillers and dopamine-spillers, he is often found dabbling in other genres, from cinematic scores to jazz ensembles to pop hits.

Ovrdone was officially released on December 2nd; it is now available to stream on YouTube.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast