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You will want Doller on speed dial after feeling the heat of the fusionist fire in his EP, Call Me

On November 3rd, UK’s fieriest genre fusionist Doller dropped his dynamic three-track EP, Call Me, to prove he’s lost none of the flair, flow, or finesse that has seen his audience stretch across the globe during his storming 15-year music career.

After track one unravels as an infectiously hooked garage hip-hop anthem, which efficaciously gets you in the groove and hot under the collar, Doller dips into a pseudo-trap iteration of dancehall before bringing in a smooth and steamy session of trap-soul. Achieving that feat of sonic eclecticism with three separate tracks would be one thing, but Doller exhibited his superlative versatility by reworking the same track while ensuring that each track stands by the volition of its own merit.

From the luxe high vibes that reverberate around the rhythmically arresting first single, which features MC Neat and Zara W, to the scintillating atmosphere in track two to the wavy, dreamy tonal hues within track three, which pays an intimate ode to intimacy with a little help from Aleisha Lee and Terry Trill, there’s something for everyone in the Call Me EP, which has established Doller as the baller of originality.

Before the release of Call Me, the Edmonton-originating artist who was born the roots reggae icon Kush Tafari and shares blood with the Jamaican rapper Flash earned endorsements from the likes of Ghetts, Tion Wayne, DJ Target, Charlie Sloth, Sian Anderson, Sir Spyro, Wiley, and Logan Sama. His music has also been synced into an MTV Base advert and the critically acclaimed film Sket. Over the years, he’s flitted between rap, dancehall, and trap-soul as his musical influences diversified. If one thing has remained a constant, it is the renown that has stemmed from his versatile style and impressive lyrical prowess. While some artists out there gas themselves up as a triple threat, Doller is asserting himself as the ultimate threat and one to watch throughout 2024.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

GrainyPastel – Ovrdone: Kaleidoscopically Euphoric EDM

The Oklahoma-hailing independent music producer, GrainyPastel, siphoned euphoria through his latest entrancing EDM earworm, Ovrdone. The jazzed-up hip-house instrumental hit flexes its polyphonic charm as the snares meet the synths to spill a kaleidoscope of polished colour that will brighten any mood in just one hit.

His ambition and drive to spread the love through his high vibe productions sonically shines through in the transcendently electric feat of electronica, which refuses to colour inside the lines of an electronic sub-genre. You’d be incredibly hard-pressed to find another electronica producer with a more vibrant sonic signature. When he’s not crafting floor-fillers and dopamine-spillers, he is often found dabbling in other genres, from cinematic scores to jazz ensembles to pop hits.

Ovrdone was officially released on December 2nd; it is now available to stream on YouTube.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast