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Bg5ive has made their debut with smooth atmospheric Hip Hop hit “Made for This”

Bg5ive’s debut Hip Hop track “Made for This” isn’t just polished, it’s cinematic. And the nuanced sleek feeling doesn’t just end with the production and the smooth atmospheric beats. It carries right through to Bg5ive’s introspective-deep rap bars which allow you to feel that they definitely didn’t hold back when it came to soaking Made for This in pure soul.

Even though Made for This feels dark in part, it still offers a cathartic, ambient, vibing feel whilst still feeding you plenty of momentum.

If you appreciate the resounding melodic vibe behind Made for This, you’ll definitely want Bg5ive on your radars in 2020. He’s got plenty of urban earworms in the pipeline to be released this year.

You can check out their debut single via Spotify.

Keep up to date with future releases via Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

KUDO – Middle Fingers: Unapologetically Attitude-Driven Hip Hop

Middle Fingers is the debut single from the emerging EDM Pop Hip Hop artist KUDO. As the track unfolds, you’re treated to a mix which is as ingenious as it is explicit, the empowerment which is scribed into the lyrics of Middle Fingers is bordering on overwhelming. Even though the EDM Trap mix may not be prodigal by today’s standards KUDO’s vocal talents and ability to wax lyrical prove why this up and coming artist deserves attention for her resounding style. With a command of meter and rhyme as flawless as KUDO’s it’s hard to see how she couldn’t go far with her talent.

You can check out KUDO’s single Middle Fingers for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now. You probably won’t get the chorus out of your head for a fair few hours but if the ability to create an infectiously fresh chorus doesn’t make a good artist then I’m not sure what does.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Scoot Feat Balmane – My Whoadie; An unbesmirched colossal hit

No matter the way you might wanna slice this one, you can deny the fact that Scoot put up a pack of uptight technical doggedness to further reveal the level at which he so much relishes in the clarity of his impeccable rap prowess.

Scoot, with the collective effort of Balmane, practically served us a fine wine in perfect nature of a song right on this track; you might as well drink to get drunk if you can smell already the “whoadie” that’s been cooked up by this two artist, yeah that’s my “Word-ie”.

The song’s instrumental is a gorgeous array of warm sound and thump that’s carefully synthesized and repeatedly leathered in a reverb. The dexterity of the well-penned lyrics of this song alone is glorious.

On a lighter note, when you’re clogged with zero burden and nothing to worry about, you’ll literally throw dab severally throughout the whole four minutes playtime of this song.

The flow of the song: check. The lyrics of the song: check. The vocals: check. The catchy rap line: check. That trumping beat: OMG double check!

Have you still got any iota of doubt on how true this can be? Do yourself a favour and cop this legit smash hit and get your dabbing skills levelled up.