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59 Jay Breeze reminiscences on fire new single ‘Call Back’

US emcee 59 Jay Breeze reminiscences on new Hip Hop single ‘Call Back‘.

This is about not getting that call back. There was way too many lies and the truth was very far away. In this crazy world of 2020, we need that real talk. Not that fake, wish n’ washy chatter that sounds like some alien type of meaningless words but flies right over you, as you know its not your style.

Charlotte, North Carolina is the home of Hip Hop artist 59 Jay Breeze as he waits by the phone on this bouncy beat gem ‘Call Back‘. This time didn’t work out but better times await for this young emcee with a dope flow. Rapping is effortless for him as he brings us into these bleak times and heartache. Things will get better and the beat is meshed well to the story with the driving beat that is excellently produced.

Call Back‘ from 59 Jay Breeze¬†is a top track that shows this rappers ascension in the often crowded Hip Hop landscape.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen