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Australian RnB/grunge artist Chalant hopes that the vibe is felt like it was intended on ‘The Come Up’

As the crowd cheers and throws themselves deeply into this new movement that might cause sparks to fly and emotions to sizzle, Chalant knows that his soul is destined to remain clean from the harrowing rubbish that can clog the senses of good hearts with, ‘The Come Up‘.

Chalant is an original Hills District, New South Wales, Australia-based project that is a saucy blend of RnB and grunge that will get your pulse racing quickly like Daniel Ricciardo.

This project was completed between Chalant and the Midnight Hours crew, a Sydney based content label consisting of various Vogue featured designers, producers and writers.” ~ Chalant

Busting a track that slams down hard to make an appearance that you probably won’t be able to get out of your mind, Chalant brings us something different to show us that music is always evolving in the depths of the creative underground where new heroes are waiting to wear that cape.

The Come Up‘ from New South Wales, Australia-based indie RnB/grunge artist Chalant is a scintillating single that might shave the hairs off your legs without notice. There is much to be intrigued by, as this is a song that has your heart beating in anticipation of a story that shows you the correct mentality. With so many fake people out there whose very presence can soil your energy like a sneaky skunk – this is the message of defiance when others who haven’t lived inside this vortex – believe that you won’t be able to avoid the traps that can sink your mind into a world that isn’t actually real.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen