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T8PES has released Wake Up ft Sox & Vital

Rapper T8PES has dropped his new single ‘Wake Up’ ft Sox + Vital, a pure Hip-Hop piece with an insane flow.

An in your face beat pulsating through the vocals, as the Rap begins to creep up, having a fairly monotone techno vocal as the lyrics begin to echo in the back as Sox begins to come in with his fast pace harsh tone and the Rap flows back and forth with two different tones.

The vocals tend to bounce off each other and they constantly overlap one and other, the overall pace of the track is fairly fast but the way the lyrics are sung is clear and you can hear every word as the high energy melody shines through.

Be sure to check this one out by Rappers T8PES and Sox & Vital and all the other music they have to offer.

Listen to T8PES and Sox + Vital Wake Up by heading on over here now.

Review by Karley Myall