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What I Gotta Do: Luciously-voiced Lafayette pop singer Aisha Auter drops fresh debut ‘Smooth’

As her blushing heart sparks up to the max when she sees that special human who has her body temperature rising dramatically, Aisha Auter is quite stupendous on her sultry debut single that will have you feeling rather ‘Smooth‘.

Aisha Auter is a brand new Lafayette, Louisiana-born indie pop solo artist and graduate student, who seems to effortlessly portray her story into our willing ears.

You feel her elegant nature beautifully articulate this truly special moment of realizing that this could be the one, as they have you doing things you didn’t think were possible before. Your heart shaking like a city feeling a sudden earthquake, is suddenly transformed into a whole new world that is filled with endless possiblities.

Aisha Auter might be your new favorite pop singer as her actions seem totally authentic Рher succulently classy vocals are certainly smoothly massaged into our excited ears Рas we are taken on a thrilling lovestruck journey that belongs on a Hollywood movie set.

Smooth‘ from the highly promising Lafayette, Louisiana-born indie pop solo musician Aisha Auter, is one of those expectional tracks you just sink your teeth into and let flow into your whole body. Her vocal ability is quite outstanding and you can feel that she has been waiting for this moment since she was just a young girl – as you feel that you are hearing a determinded young woman – who has made something to be truly proud of.

Hear this outstanding new release on her YouTube and find out more news on the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen