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Better Now Without You: Superb new Atlanta singer Sophia Dashing finds her crown on ‘High Priestess’

As she moves on and feels better for getting her transfixed body away from the unhealthy toxins of a previous relationship, Sophia Dashing is so marvelously classy on her visuals for ‘High Priestess‘.

Sophia Dashing is new and exciting indie-pop/ RnB singer-songwriter, humanitarian and dancer, born in busy Atlanta, Georgia. She sings with that extra fire in her belly, as she helps us learn from past experiences and how to overcome anything standing in your way, from reaching your destined goals that are there if you really want them.

The song is a self-discovery, self-love anthem following the journey of choosing yourself after a breakup. A High Priestess is someone who listens to their intuition and has all of the answers inside of them. It’s a positive, self-reflective anthem that also touches on spirituality. ” – Sophia Dashing

After singing in local choirs since she was just six years old and dancing at a professional level since just eight, you feel that being a world class musician was destined for this fabulous young artist. She shows so much grace and kindness throughout, as you get lost easily into her stunning vocals which takes you quickly to a better place.

She sings with such pureness and Queen-like elegance, each note is so meaningful and you can’t help but get wrapped closely into her honest lyrics, that has you believing you can get indeed away from something you know is bad for you.

The catchy beat is perfect for her smooth voice and you feel her dreamy style lathered all over your soul, as your body shivers and you turn the volume all the way up.

High Priestess’ from the wonderful Atlanta singer-songwriter Sophia Dashing, races quickly in your mind and jump-starts any feelings you have, to rev them up so you feel that heart-stopping love again. Breakups are terribly traumatic experiences that can dampen your mood but must not last forever, as you have so much to learn and do in this fickle world. This is the ultimate replenish single, which is an inspiration to anyone feeling down.

Rising up and realizing you are actually stronger now, is the only way to boost your mindset onto better days.

See this pop anthem on YouTube and find out more about her rise up to the top on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen