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High Park Society

A&R Factory Present: High Park Society

High Park Society takes us on a musical journey, throwing back to 1980’s romance. With elements of The Kinks and The Smiths, retro old-school rock singer Frank Babic delivers an innate expertise that is enriched with opulent depth, a trope in indie music that victoriously fills the missing gaps. ‘Indecision’ mediates the theme of nostalgia, and with mellow undertones throughout the track, gratifies all means of happiness and appreciation.

Despite the fact the song describes the notion of moving on from single life, the funky melody creates a chirpy disposition and focuses on the ideal of spiritual happiness rather than congenial romance. The compassion behind Frank Babic’s vocals recreates a jubilant sensation, allowing us as the listener to capture the moment he so adequately is generating. “Indecisions got a hold of me tonight/And it always seemed so right to do/But that was just before I saw you” Babic swoons over a gentle brass trumpet and a feathered guitar strum, “Indecision stole my soul from me for the last time”. The buoyant jazzy instrumentals set a state of quixotic euphoria, and whilst the soft rhythm of the drums lead a melody of lust, Babic’s wistful vocals drives the song into a luminous oblivion.

Words By Aly Mchugh