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Private Traps: Underrated US producer Lone Lee shows us how uncertain life is with Never Budge

Taken from his 3-track EP that dropped on 31 October 2020 called High Hopes; Low Fidelity, Lone Lee, has made a mellow single that shows us deep within the truth of our existence with Never Budge.

Lone Lee is a California-born indie music producer and self-confessed nomad loner who makes those proficient beats that will have you feeling rather reflective.

With an intricate performance that is made with so much authenticity, Lone Lee is the kind of artist you want to listen to all day. Layered with a soothing single that might have you feeling rather thoughtful, as we are taken inside a cracked picture that millions are feeling right now in this odd world.

Never Budge from California-born music producer Lone Lee is a mostly instrumental track with a Lo-Fi aura that shall send your eyes up into the stars as you wonder why humanity is so strange. Filled with various samples that feel like they are from a much simpler time, this is a thoughtful anthem for those who love music with more texture that the norm.

Figuring out why we do things, the way we do them, might take more than a few lifetimes.

Listen up to this quality song on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Netherlands prodigy ‘Os Yvers’ get summer started early with the sexy ‘’High Hopes’’

Mixed and Mastered at Katsu Studios in the UK, this is a summer hit if there ever was one. ‘’High Hopes’’ is all about turning the tide and setting those goals for satisfying achievement unlocking. Are you ready?

‘Os Yvers’ is a new producer/singer-songwriter and this is his 2nd released track on SoundCloud, the first being a demo. The future’s so bright here, this could be the breakout artist of 2021 and one could easily see him working with someone like Kygo really soon. 

The 80s inspired disco/ pop song ‘’High Hopes’’ is a real mood booster and the best part is the sexy sax to just top it all off. This is summer all the way. Have ‘’High Hopes’’ and make sure you are dancing to this when that holiday begins. 

This Dutch producer has put out a top song here and we will await more releases to fully see if he can maintain the high standard set. Get that sunblock ready, this song is coming in sizzling hot.

Keep the hopes up high with this 80’s inspired track here

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen