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I Dream Of You: Somerset’s Kirsty Cooke sends fitting tribute on memory-soaked single ‘Heydays’

After more than a decade away from her true love of creating special sounds that transforms time, Kirsty Cooke returns graciously with a true story about her beloved Dad who sadly passed away on ‘Heydays‘.

Kirsty Cooke is a Somerset, UK-based indie pop artist, film music student and music producer. Mixed and co-produced by Sam Inglis, this is a more-than fitting tribute to a loved one who shall be dearly missed.

After 15 years away from music she has picked up the headphones again and started producing her own original tracks in March 2021.” ~ Kirsty Cooke

With a melancholic ambiance that is so beautiful and touching – that includes stunning vocals – which has a small tear emerging as you feel her pain from this heartbreaking loss. Times were tough and rocky with a condition that is hard to deal with for many, however her grace is so inspiring and truly admirable.

I wrote this song in memory of my Dad, it is about loss, nostalgia, and the complications of loving someone with bipolar. Obviously it is very close to my heart.” ~ Kirsty Cooke

Heydays‘ from the returning Somerset, UK-based indie pop solo musician and producer Kirsty Cooke, is a tear-filled single that gives you a shake of the heart and has your memory going back to those who you love and miss dearly. She sings with such a lovely style, that is indeed memorable and gives her late Dad a stunning tribute which he would be surely so proud of.

See this wonderfully elegant music video on YouTube and see more news on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen