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Hey-Zooz dresses down gold-digger culture with ‘Fancy Cars’

‘Fancy Cars’ is just one of the tracks to feature on Hey-Zooz’s debut album ‘Welcome to Life’ that offers plenty of opportunities to see the world less blindly.

The Atlanta-based hip hop artist always focuses on reflection and growth with his tracks that run through without any hint of sanctimonious superiority. It’s palpable that Hey-Zooz creates music to make the process of navigating the world a little easier for his listeners.

Fancy Cars poignantly dresses down gold-digger culture, for all too long, for hip hop artists ‘showing ‘em what you’ve got’ revolved around showcasing capitalist pursuits. Switching the narrative, Hey-Zooz offers his wisdom on the subject and points out the obvious flaws in attempting to buy affection. The indie vibe to the melodic contemporary rap track makes it all too easy to pay attention.

Fancy Cars is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast