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Covering a masterpiece, 8udDha bl0od release H3Y U;PinkFl0YD:17AgA

Among the many songs we’ve had the pleasure to discover from 8udDha bl0od, with different styles and genres employed even within the same track, I never would’ve guessed they’d revisit a masterpiece for their latest release H3Y U;PinkFl0YD:17AgA.

Resurfacing Hey You by Pink Floyd, 8udDha bl0od stun once again with a thoroughly composed cover of the song, and while they boldly (and successfully) stick to the original arrangement, the vocals and the guitar solo are reproduced by a keyboard sound that relies on a pitch bend to mimic the guitar.

Although 8udDha bl0od have already proven to be Pink Floyd-prone in some of their previous releases with their constant experimentation and psychedelic vibe, Hey You is way past the psych era. Thus, it’s a surprising choice to cover, but even if you are a Pink Floyd fanatic, you won’t be let down.

Head over Soundcloud to listen to H3Y U;PinkFl0YD:17AgA for yourself.

Review by Jim Esposito.