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A happy blend of awesome noise: Flight of Fancy urge us to remain close on ‘Hey Man’

Flight of Fancy bring that classic sound-that was playing hide and go seek- back on their rip-roaring indie-rock single that will have you singing along heartily called ‘Hey Man‘.

With a stomping mesh of strong lyrics, stomping drums, excellent electric guitar solos and edgy vocals, this is a gem in the rough that needs to be crowned. The fun style is magnified with a story about how some people want to hide away but you won’t let them. The friendship is there for life and we can all win if we pool our resources together.

”If you like Foo Fighters, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, RHCP, and similar bands, Flight of Fancy is for you”.- Flight of Fancy

Released from the aptly-named Rat Poison Records, ‘Hey Man‘ is the type of song that all your 90’s-head friends can truly get behind. There are no big egos here, only a sound that brings you back to the days when rock music was dominating the world and mosh pits were in full abundance.

They bring the heart and soul into full picture and you don’t want to crop anything on this fantastic track. Rock will never die and a song like this, certainly helps to fill our ears with something worthwhile to snack on.

Sung with so much heart and soul, it’s hard to dislike Flight of Fancy¬†on their debut LP that features ‘Hey Man‘. They bring us an indie-rock power track that might nibble on all the electricity in the area when they play live again but that’s okay. Bringing those you care about closer to you during this horrible year, is all that matters.

Stream this high-flying track on Spotify and see more about the band on their social media via IG and FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen