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Martin And John And Jono And Mama Yeva

9 Pilgrims by Jono Bono Heyes

World music is an odd term, normally used for music which is identified with or at least influenced by the musical traditions of one particular place or culture. But surely it is a term which should be used for music which is the blending of music from across the planet, a sort of trans-global amalgam, a patch work quilt of sonic influences. If that was indeed the definition then  Jono Heyes would be its leading light.

Here joined by Mama Yeva’s striking vocals he makes music which is wonderfully rootless, crosses borders when and where it likes and truly is a pan-global musical blend. West African folk vibes join jazz motifs for a sultry, late night dance and haunting tribal voices fly alongside soaring vocals and the result is deliciously dark, fantastically unique and wonderfully oblivious to  genre or generation.