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Climbed the Walls: UK rockers High Society wonders if it’s all worth the struggle on Hard to Breathe

Tackling the difficult conversation of mental health that is often brushed under the carpet, High Society shows us their excellent intimate sold-out show success that is matched by a truly rousing performance on Hard to Breathe.

High Society is an alternative rock/grunge band based in Herts/Essex, UK who have emerged as one of the most electrifying live acts around.

Formed in 2020, in the wake of the pandemic, High Society is an outlet for the trials and tribulations of two twenty something young men struggling to find their place in these uncertain times we live in.” ~ High Society

Time travelling our thoughts to when there was only darkness, High Society is in splendid form with a rather earth-shattering track that will have you thinking about how you perceive yourself. They are supremely brilliant here and bravely transport us to an exceptionally memorable moment that many have experienced before.

Hard to Breathe from Herts/Essex, UK-based alternative rock/grunge band High Society is a rather gripping experience that takes you through the rollercoaster of life. Stitched with a thrill-a-second mix of a time-is-ticking euphoria to the veins that will stir you into a new mode of thinking, this is a lock-the-doors and shake to the ribs track, that shall get you in the zone again.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen