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Hermosa Pier releases single Doing Fine: Infusing Pop and a whole load of Rock and Roll

‘Doing Fine’ the single released by Hermosa Pier, which comes from their upcoming EP ‘Words To Myself’ which will be released on the 27th April. Doing Fine infuses many Pop elements but also adds a bit of Rock and Roll, making this a perfect combination.

It’s a very slow pace track, to begin with, keeping that pace kind of drawn out for a good half of the song, having that acoustic guitar play a big part through the instrumentation.

When in the middle you’re taken by surprise as the volume begins to get louder and the riffs on the guitar are a lot noisier and crazy, as the piece carries on it intertwines with a slow pace and low vocals to more manic and high-pitched vocal ranges and it’s pretty incredible. Of course, having to mention the absolutely insane electric riff on the guitar that goes on for a few seconds that really brings that Rock element to it as the killer shreds take over.

It’s safe to say that the vocal ranges that come from this piece have power pulsing through them, not only that but a lot of pure energy that comes through the voice singing in a rather melodic way, always hitting the high-notes on key and having this rather mesmerising tone to the voice which hooks you in.

Definitely check out this one by Hermosa Pier, you won’t regret it!

Listen to Hermosa Pier Doing Fine by heading over to Spotify now.


Review by Karley Myall