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See it through her eyes: Long Island producer FlyKai swoops in with grace and love on ‘Mutt’

With a supremely catchy beat and breathless vibrations for the soul to feast on, FlyKai dazzles our minds with his epic new single with lots of fascination attached called ‘Mutt‘.

FlyKai is a multi-skilled creative Long Island, New York-based singer, producer, engineer and music video director. He fantastically blends hip-hop, reggae, dance, and rock, all into one tasty treat for us to devour gloriously.

This is the story of looking into her eyes and seeing the whole universe so brightly within. The love is there and you just want to spend as much time as possible with this princess sent through time to make you happy, and to teach you new things about life and love.

The beat is wonderfully orchestrated and bends your earlobes to send us a signal of thoughtfulness and appreciation. There are so many genres in one here and the skill level is so captivating, as you nod your head in approval and turn it on again just to make sure.

Mutt‘ from the illuminatingly talented Long Island, New York artist FlyKai, is that special sauce you have been missing in you soul food, as he has the rare ability to catch your breath and attention at the same time.

Hear this top track from a skilled cat on Spotify and see his IG for more content.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen