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Stop Coming: HELLRAZOR feels the hours turn to days on Hanging On By A Thread

After a twelve year hiatus and returning with explosive aplomb, HELLRAZOR feels like everything is ending with the warning song we needed to hear on the powerful track Hanging On By A Thread.

HELLRAZOR is a Kasey Haze-fueled indie rock project by the well-respected guitarist/singer-songwriter who certainly isn’t shy about turning up the volume.

Among many accomplishments, HELLRAZOR beat out 179 Canadian bands to play in Emergenzas worldwide music festival placing 22 overall out of thousands of bands.” ~ HELLRAZOR (taken from their website)

Urging us to break free from the clutches of the world, HELLRAZOR rips up the couches and gets that frustration out with a modern day classic for the hardworking and freedom-chasing folks out there.

I was in the process of writing more songs and had lots of ideas for HELLRAZOR back in 2008. But the band broke up, nothing was recorded and everything was shelved. I never used any of the material for other projects because they were HELLRAZOR.” ~ Kasey Haze in 2020

Hanging On By A Thread from indie rock underground party starters HELLRAZOR is a song for anyone who has felt like they aren’t wanted anymore. Electrified to a level many will find ear-bursting, this is a wake up and get away from anything that isn’t making you happy anthem.

Listen up to this new track on Mixup.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen