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When They Sing: Hélène Renaut reminds us that dreams do exist on ‘Summer Love’

As she attentively sings with breathtaking intimacy that blends so much beautiful air away from a rather foggy world with so much unfortunate pollution, Hélène Renaut reminds us that those soul-healing moments are there to be remembered if you know where to look on ‘Summer Love‘.

Hélène Renaut is an angelic indie-folk singer-songwriter, guitarist, drummer and classically trained violinist who was born in peaceful Brittany in France, who now calls Los Angeles, California her home.

Poems, music, love and a lot of tea.” ~ Hélène Renaut

She is a true nature lover who sings freely with that blossoming care and real love that so many wish they had for breakfast each day. Each note performed is a calming ambiance that covers your mood from the gusting winds outside your threatened door, so that only kind thoughts and hospitable tranquilly may be forever restored into its rightful place.

This is the more-than-ideal lead single for her just-released album ‘The Bells of Freedom‘, and we are blessed with a real calming wind of wonder from an artist who seem to posses such natural grace. This is the heart-beating message that many think is still possible – as you wish to the trees outside that your dreams may all come true – with that special soul who shall arrive rather unexpectedly.

Summer Love‘ from the gracious Los Angeles-born, French folk singer-songwriter extraordinaire Hélène Renaut, is one of the most soothing songs you will hear all year. Her dreamy vocals puts you into a much happier place than before, as the 60’s influenced baroque pop mixed with pure folk-filled treats, has you smiling from ear to ear. Life can be so simple after all, if you keep your thoughts in the right place.

Hear her peacefully beautiful new single on Spotify and follow her journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen