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NYC’s Cream Galore drops new Hip Hop single called ”Boss Up”

New York rapper Cream Galore is a fairly new artist on the scene as he has only been active for 2 months. He has brought out three tracks so far. These are ”Heights”, ”Broke to Riches” and now he tees off with the reflective ”Boss Up”.

Boss Up” is a track all about wanting to get paid and not be broke any further. Mr Cream is tired of being broke as he feels like he is a boss in the game. He wants respect now and isn’t willing to wait for much longer. For such a new artist I’m sure his time will come. I hope he starts pushing his social media and music links to gain more buzz. The talent flow-wise is definitely there and I like the style that he has.

Broke to Riches” is a new Hip Hop track with a nice bounce to it. This New York rapper will surely fine tune his skills and this is a name to watch.

Stream this new song right here via classic SoundCloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen