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The Revies – Los Invisibles: American Rock Just Got Its Bite Back

I was uncertain if I could love the sound more than the wordplay in the latest track “Los Invisibles” from LA-based Rock artist The Revies. Yet, once I got a taste of the raunchy, punchy, eager sound which The Revies had manifested through their high-octane performance, it became apparent that their linguistic ingenuity is easily outshone by their ability to orchestrate a captivatingly immersive Rock hit.

Any fans of Stone Sour will definitely want Los Invisibles on their playlists. The production couldn’t be higher, the distinction allows you to hear the authenticity and there’s no disputing that The Revies is a force to be reckoned with.

It may have been a while since I’ve been to a gig, but I’m fairly sure that The Revies is exactly the kind of band who would leave your mind blown and your neck sore if you got the pleasure of seeing them live.

You can check out Los Invisibles for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Crown and the Doubt bring the salacious sleaze with latest single “Dirty Little Secret”

Enough time has passed since The All-American Rejects’ iconic track “Dirty Little Secret”, so Alt-Rock faction Crown and the Doubt have paid their own ode to sordidness with their viscerally electric latest single.

As acclaimed as The All-American Rejects were/are, they don’t seem to possess a fraction of the talent which you will hear in the colossally tight heavy and sleazy Rock instrumentals. But it’s with the vocals where Crown and the Doubt really set themselves apart. They’d give Buckcherry a run for their money when it comes to salacious sleaze.

You can check out Dirty Little Secret for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Florida’s Most Promising Alt Rock Act GREYE Have Dropped the Colossal Track “So Far So Good”

Through dominating vocals atop of sultry Rock rhythms, Floridian Alt-Rock artist GREYE created an unforgettable release with their latest single “So Far So Good” which is the second track to be released from their upcoming album of the same title.

With the first single release grabbing the #1 spot on the World Indie Chart, it’s easy to expect big things for GREYE. Possibly even bigger than the anthemic sound they alchemically cooked up in So Far So Good.

The vocals find the perfect balance between ferocity and harmony, any fans of Joan Jett and later formed 90s Riot Grrrl artists will undoubtedly be bowled over by this colossal single.

With a powerhouse of instrumentalists laying down soaring riffs and laying the Wah on thick, So Far So Good has all the accessibility of Classic Rock, but underestimating GREYE’s distinctive talent would be a dangerous move.

You can check out GREYE’s single So Far So Good here.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Prepare to be Arrested by FOLSOM’s Vicious Masterpiece of Heavy Blues Rock “BONZAI”

French Heavy Blues Rock band FOLSOM almost left us speechless with their latest single BONZAI.
It took a while for our rhythmic pulses to recover from the arrestive state they were in for the entire duration of the progressively dynamic track.

With vocals switching from blisteringly raw Hetfield-style screams to Bluesy Rock n Roll magnetism, Peter Cattet’s vocals match the influx evolutions which the instrumentals seamlessly make. At this point, I thought I’d heard it all with guitar solos. My jaw literally dropping at the crystal clear tones as BONZAI drew to a close proved otherwise.

BONZAI is pretty much the definition of aural sex appeal. If you’re not dead from the waist down, you’ll be inclined to agree.

You can check out the official video to FOLSOM’s latest single BONZAI for yourselves via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Southampton artist Hail lays down cutting tones in her Alt Rock hit “A Stain in Time”


Fans of cutting Post-Punk tones and intense Alt-Rock aural furore will definitely want to immerse themselves in Southampton-based artist Hail’s latest single “A Stain in Time”.

The rhythmically serpentine hit will throw you right back to the roots of Rock n Roll. While the atmospheric production and the sheer amount of talent in the instrumental arrangement gives A Stain in Time plenty of commercial appeal.

If any artist could be thought of this generation’s Joan Jett, it’s Hail. Hail not only possesses the same absorbing energy as the iconic artist, but she also offers the same piercing pioneering allure as Joan Jett did when she first told us that she loved Rock n Roll in 1981.

A Stain in Time will be available to stream via Spotify upon its official release. In the meantime, you can check out Hail’s earlier releases.

Keep up to date with Hail’s latest releases via Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


District 13 – Soma: Transfixingly Dark Evocatively Visceral Heavy Alt Rock

We’re always on the lookout for breaking bands who bring brand-new energy to Rock. And District 13 certainly didn’t disappoint with their transfixingly dark, evocatively visceral offering of Alt Rock “Soma”.

The instrumentals may be heavy, but there’s a striking amount of melodicism to ingest as the progressive hit unravels. Each new evolution in sound leaves you with yet another affirmation of District 13’s talent when it comes to fusing elements of Punk and Heavy Metal. You get the snappy riotous energy of Punk, orgasmically sweet guitar riffs, and harsh heavy tones all wrapped up in one sublime aural package.

That’s all without mentioning the vocals. If Jesus himself wept, it wouldn’t be as emotive as what guitarist and vocalist Jon Hartz Wild brought to Soma. The guttural drawn-out jagged whiskey-soaked screams will stay with me quite some time. But despite all of the raw emotion forcibly thrown into Soma, there was still plenty of upbeat energy to ensure that the track comes to a close without leaving you feeling like you’ve been put into an existential hole.

I’d be willing to put money on the London-based trio’s taking the scene by storm in 2020.

You can check out the official music video to District 13’s latest single Soma via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Ryan Snyder – Some Things Never Change: A Super-Charged Blast of High-Octane Rock

Whatever your sexual orientation, I can guarantee that you’re going to find the riffs in Nashville-based artist Ryan Snyder’s latest single “Some Things Never Change” more than a little bit sexy.

The feisty ode to Rock is a high-octane blast of pure rhythmic wonder. But it isn’t through intensity or speed where Ryan Snyder sets themselves apart (although there’s a lot of that too). It’s how their eclectic array of influences find their way into their sound.  Within Some Things Never Change, you’ll find the mesmerism of Blues along with combined with reminiscences of the likes of Guns n’ Roses, Buckcherry, and Led Zeppelin.

Even if you’ve been plugged into a constant stream of Rock music since the 70s, Ryan Snyder will still give you plenty to get excited about. It’s discovering artists like this that makes you realise just how skewed lists of ‘top guitarists’ truly must be.

You can check out Ryan Snyder’s single Some Things Never Change for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Kill Thanatos – Brother Lost: Alchemically Emotive Alt Rock

Alt Rock artist Kill Thanatos has recently released their fourth single “Brother Lost”. If you’ve lost faith in your search for truly distinctive contemporary Rock music, you’ll quickly come to realise that Brother Lost comes with a whole host of restorative powers.

After a doom-laden prelude, the tender, evocative vocals were introduced, if you weren’t already captivated, this is the perfect time to surrender all consciousness to the overwhelmingly atmospheric aural alchemy which Kill Thanatos orchestrated.

Through clean vocals, being transfixed by the lyrical narrative is practically non-optional. The vocals amplify the emotive sting as they rest against Heavy Rock instrumentals while keeping the notes poised and magnetically pensive.

While you’ll find plenty of Rock bands being able to offer a tight arrangement, Kill Thanatos combine their technical skill with true candid expression and a melody which may very well come to be your new melancholic Rock earworm.

You can check out Kill Thanatos’ latest single Brother Lost for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Follow No One set to release brand new single ‘Fear No Evil’

Heavy Rock is back in the scene with the duo Follow No One who released their last single ‘Fear No Evil’ on 9th August 2019, following ‘Your time of Dying’, released back in March.

The track kicks off with a hard-hitting guitar work that lives up fiercely to the most well known metal structures, until it drops its riff to favour harmonies that develop around powerful vocals. The alternation of heavy and smooth sounds and melodies is in fact the main feature of this single leading to a guitar solo you may want to listen on repeat. 

Inspired by acts such as Dream Theater and Extreme, Follow No One were founded by Rich Hall, an American-born singer song-writer, and Pedro Murino Almeida, a Portugal native guitar virtuoso with roots in Brazil, who put together their musical backgrounds to create a unique version of heavy rock. They have in fact been nominated for Best Rock/Best Rock Song at the 2019 JMA Awards in Nashville for their track ‘Your time of dying’. 

Review By Jim Esposito


Cosmic Order serves up a Psychedelic Hit of Heavy Rock with “Dancing on the Sun”

Anyone with a penchant for psychedelia fused with caustically hypnotic riffs is going to want to check out Cosmic Order’s standout single “Dancing on the Sun”.

Audiophiles may be hard to please, but with the stylistic maturity of Cosmic Order’s heavy, yet, bouncy, happy, and infectious soundscapes you’ll find it hard to not be instantly enamoured. There aren’t many Rock artists brave enough to get a little playful and charismatic with their tracks, but Cosmic Order seems to disregard any sense of pretence. Frank Zappa would be proud.

The story telling narrative lyrical style of Dancing on the Sun means that your attention is never lost, the unpredictable nature of the instrumental arrangements also makes sure of that.

You can check out Dancing on the Sun for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast