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Heavy Is the Root of the Light

White Dune dispatches us into an exhilarating daydream with his latest adventure-filled release, ‘Waimea’

With his upcoming travel-inspired EP ‘Heavy Is the Root of the Light‘ set for release later on in 2022, White Dune drops his first single and this is an ambient wonder that shall have you yearning about those wide-open roads that change your perspective forever with ‘Waimea‘.

White Dune is the excellent solo electronic project of the experienced Minneapolis/St Paul-based drummer Dave Power who charges in with such splendidly-constructed soundscapes.

White Dune’s sound is heavily influenced by Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin, Casino vs Japan, Clark and more.” ~ White Dune

Transmitting us into a delighted mood that has been instantly transformed and seems to brush away all the self-doubt, White Dune takes us for a ride that is completely enthralling and shows us where the key to that all-important happiness is – with that travel-and-learn mentality – that so many of us have sadly forgotten.

Waimea‘ from the Minneapolis/St Paul-based electronic solo artist White Dune, is a dreamy single that will have you gazing outside your office or home window lusting for that sweet adventure smell. There is a really inspiring message here that is hidden inside such a well-made track, that has you feeling like venturing outside again and getting away from any bad vibes that have been holding you back.

With a perfect summer soundtrack like this, there is such joyous energy that seems to encase gently all over your body to guide you into a better place.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see his story unfold on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen