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Don’t pull me out: Pilot Run take on the monsters in ‘Haunted Head’

Pilot Run are back with some of that old school heavy bass guitar riff excellence, via their new single ‘Haunted Head‘.

Three-piece Colchester, Essex-based indie alt-rock band Pilot Run, came back from the darkness, to fly up above the cheering crowds once again.

Bruce, Craig and Matt all knew each other from years of playing in different band together and after a few years apart, they fused together again like they had never left each other’s side. They play that electric heavy-in-you-face (but never too much) type of marauding music-that flows into your veins and pumps the the blood thick and chunky-like a kick-drum start to rev up that eager engine.

This is that true story of waking up each day to the dead and not wanting to get pulled out of bed, to the unnecessary madness going on outside. The world is a scary place and its better to stay hidden away for now, until things calm down a bit and its safe again.

With a grungy punk feel that only adds to the incredibly hard sound that knocks your head into place after hearing so much plastic music with no core lately, this is a wake-up call if there ever was one. An anthem to the lost who need to be found, this is a proper band that have the heart and soul of a hungry lion, who roars into action when needed to take on the scary monsters in the world.

Haunted Head‘ from Essex three-piece alt-rockers Pilot Run, is that quality music that you knew you needed as something was missing. They put a guitar stamp on your mind and this is one of the most exciting releases yet in 2021.

Hear this brilliant single on Soundcloud and support their journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen