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From heating and air work to hot music: Georgia’s Trevious drops new sultry single ‘Different Love’

Trevious is back with ‘Different Love‘ and this is the 5th straight single from one of the hardest working indie artists in the game, as he further cements his growing name.

The Stone Mountain/Decatur-based R&B singer Trevious, sends us all a song to light the candles and slow dance to. His vocals are pure and honest, he has risen to do what he loves after working in dead-end jobs that weren’t fulfilling his soul. He is taking full opportunity of his chance and doesn’t intend to ever go back to that life. Music and making his fans happy are the only options.

His voice is different to the rest of the average singers out there. With a tone that is so sensual and strong at the same time, his charismatic vocals grab a hold of you like the truly great singers do. You can’t stop listening and turn the volume up so you don’t miss any word.

The story of believing deep inside that you are different to the rest, the night is so special and you know that she likes your vibe. The night gets better and better and the lights are so low, your energies are so transfixed, you will be probably see a shooting star together.

Georgia-based R&B singer Trevious is so breathtaking on ‘Different Love‘ and you might need a cold shower after listening to this brand new steamy single. They do say that confidence is sexy and this is a track that shows that this is indeed true.

Turn the lights down low and stream this track via Spotify and see his journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen