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You’re Lonely Too: Gemma Danielle drops emotionally charged single Hold On

Taken from her sizzlingly tantalizing debut, 6-track EP named Hearts Devotion, Gemma Danielle sings with true angelic refinement on the haunting tale of trust called Hold On.

Gemma Danielle is a Nottingham, UK-based electronic pop solo artist who loves to mesh in some sweet sounding jazz treats to satisfy our peckish desires.

If you’ve ever experienced heartbreak, or feelings of being lost, alone and battling self-worth issues, I think you will relate.” ~ Gemma Danielle

Picking herself up from the floor after a scream of frustration to the sky, Gemma Danielle reminds us of her stadium-like vocals that show us inside the healing process. Lighting up our imaginations with classy coolness, we are lathered into a truly fine single that might be stuck in our heads all day.

Hold On from Nottingham, UK-based electronic pop solo artist Gemma Danielle is a pulsating song that will warm up your cheeks and get us all thinking about that harsh feeling when a romance ends. Projected so beautifully and loaded with a fresh beat to get those bodies alive again-we are treated to a real stunner of a track from a young artist who makes such superbly created gems.

Listen up on SoundCloud and check out her moves on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen