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Where Did You Go: North Norfolk country artist Ervin yearns for her return on Carolynn

Known throughout his local area for hosting the legendary open mic called Rock the Lobster, Ervin shows the value in working with producer Aeron Z Jones with a riveting display on Carolynn.

Ervin aka Ervin Munir is a North Norfolk-based indie country singer-songwriter and a member of the band Cutting the Mustard.

He writes heartfelt songs about life and social injustice with an eye for the ridiculous. His influences are Paul Simon, James Taylor and the Eagles and one of his early highlights has been performing “The Boxer” at a folk group hosted by Peggy Seeger.” ~ Ervin

Performed with a dynamic exuberance and an endearing romance, Ervin sings with the kind of quality which is rather rare in this overly-rushed world. Lathered in so much excellence, it’s hard not to like this outstanding effort.

Carolynn from North Norfolk-based indie country singer-songwriter Ervin is a rather sweet single about wishing for a return from the sweetest girl in the world. Sung with kind tenderness and comforting energy, this is a single to take us into a happier state of mind despite the distance between two loving hearts.

When love is real, anything is attainable.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Say Goodbye: Dylan Emmanuel wonders if he has been on her mind for a while on ‘Unfamiliar Parking Lot’

Following on from his debut release ‘Hometown Glory‘ from 2019, Dylan Emmanuel returns with a sweetly toned single all about wishing you could be with your love forever on ‘Unfamiliar Parking Lot‘.

Dylan Emmanuel is a mysterious indie country singer-songwriter with a heartfelt style which has you feeling so introspective about the past as you look inside yourself for inspiration again.

He sings with a real grace that is so assured – as he looks deeply into her beautiful eyes – and calmly hopes that one day they can truly be together as one. With a mellow ambiance and featuring mood-altering vocals that are easy to get lost inside, this is a terrific track to close your eyes to and re-center your soul with.

Unfamiliar Parking Lot‘ from the youthful Dylan Emmanuel, is the song all about knowing you have to eventually say goodbye. Its been two long years and things have to move on so that both of you can be truly happy. Sung with a soulful manner which has you feeling so reflective, this is a true love story that sadly doesn’t have a happy ending right now.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen