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Relating to a sensitive soul: Lewis Edwards takes back ‘Control’ on a tenderly beautiful new release

After impressing highly on 2020’s ‘Idols‘, Lewis Edwards returns with more heartfelt music on his latest stunning single called ‘Control‘.

Lewis Edwards is a UK-based R&B/Soul singer-songwriter that makes music to heal our broken hearts and to inspire positive energy to be transfixed into the deepest part of our healing souls. This is an artist with an authentic nature and you feel this overriding ambiance deeply while spinning this fine new track.

The story soon unfolds through ear-hugging vocals that transmits ocean waves of healing energy to build you up again, after being hurt by a former lover. They took for you granted, fed you wicked lies to get into your sheets, talked bad about you behind your back and tore a piece of your heart off to greedily devour for themselves .

When you are with a manipulative monster it does take some time to replenish your kindness as it was before. Being with someone similar to you is the best way to rebuild as they totally understand what you are going through and together, you can grow stronger to create an armor so strong- no one can ever break you again.

His voice is so impressively astonishing as each word is sung with a tender meaning of peace and love. The soulful beat only adds so much wonder to a sweet song that is slightly sad but has a true story that all sensitive souls need to hear.

Control‘ from UK singer-songwriter Lewis Edwards is an outstanding single that takes us on a journey through the dark underworld as you find a similar soul to help guide you through the underground tunnels of darkness. You need to also remember that to help others, its advisable to take your own advice too.

When you experience your heart being ripped into small pieces for you to find again, you have to have that inner desire to heal and to make sure that you don’t change your ways but instead be extra careful who you open your door to in the future.

Angels need to fly free and although you might be a bit colder for a while, you will find that warmth again that heats up your souls senses- to inspire others with your true kindness.

The world needs kind souls to bring beauty to the world and take back control after all.

Hear this exciting new release on Spotify and see his music journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen