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Chicago singer-songwriter D’Zhari drops dramatic visuals for ‘Alone’

Chicago singer-songwriter D’Zhari has just dropped her dramatic visuals for the new single called ‘Alone‘.

An artist who aims for the listener to be provided with soul food, she strives to create a blended style drawing upon R&B, Soul, and Jazz to lift the spirits of her audience. D’Zhari certainly reaches her goal, her voice so elegant and the music so well-made, from love.

D’Zhari sings with such passion on ‘Alone‘. You can see that she doesn’t want to do this journey all by herself, the thought of it is so scary for the lovely singer. She has such a fine voice, the style is so elegant and always with class. In a genre that can be so smutty, she is the guiding light here that proves that great music still wins. This is an R&B track all about not wanting to face this world alone, which as humans we shouldn’t be subjected to. facing the world as a team is much better. This is a quality track, full of love and heart.

Click here for the YouTube link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Clear your mind with DEVIN’s track ‘Bring You In’

An argument can be made that music of all genres are different iterations and expressions of the human soul. It’s that word though, soul, which has truly been able to define a very specific type and level of understanding and vulnerability and power in honest expression. For DEVIN, it requires only the simplest elements. A piano performance, a snap-beat and a chance to let herself shine through is all that’s needed for a soulful performance. To capture something so beautiful and so simple is a tradition of R&B, but all the more reason to respect these styles. Bring You In is DEVIN’s invitation to stop your day, clear your mind and focus on only this gorgeous sonic message.

Despite the rudimentary nature of the mix, it’s not right to discount the music as lazy. While the spotlight remains on the smooth and caring vocal performance, the piano isn’t just dropping compressed loops like a lot of musicians who strive for minimalism. There’s heart in every stroke. The snaps don’t provide much rhythmic variety, but act as a grounding element coming from something more intimate than the traditional metronome or bass and snare combo. In some ways, this incredibly basic beat can be called more intentional and romantic than layered beats with a richer sense of motion. All things said and done, this song is beautiful and worth slowing down your daily momentum to appreciate.

-Paul Weyer