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California’s Jay Doce drips through into the Lamborghini blue with ‘Seeing Double’

With his hot new album ‘51HOME‘ brewing rather deliciously in the background until final completion, Jay Doce urges us to turn the volume up to a dangerous red with that speaker-hugger that is ‘Seeing Double‘.

Jay Doce is a Hayward, California-based indie hip hop artist who keeps things fresh with a super saucy single to get excited about all night.

The East Bay local launches us into his Jaxsoul fashion sense aura with a Jay Doce special delivery that’s impossible to say no to and keeps the dance floor happy. On point and keeping things hot, as he knows that by keeping his wild-but-loveable romantic partner close by, this is projected to be the best night ever.

Seeing Double‘ from Hayward, California-based indie hip hop artist Jay Doce¬†shows us his self-assured west coast wanderlust without fuss. He raps with purpose, poise and an easy-to-remember technique and shows us that extra sip, which can either set the night alive or make you fall over in reckless abandon.

Listen up to this fine new song on Spotify and see more news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen