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Let Love Be Free: Hayku Kyah is at her spellbinding best with the truthfully explosive ‘Gunfyre’

Following on from the underground gems ‘Blue Bird‘ and ‘Stroke‘, the incomparable Hayku Kyah laces the truth-needy airwaves with her incredibly remarkable lyrical genius which is backed by a sensationally ominous beat on the revolutionary-aware ‘Gunfyre‘.

Hayku Kyah is a Toronto, Canada-born, Melbourne, Australia-based indie artist. She makes a real blend of lyrically-relevant music that is strong in content and shows her utter disgust in how so many corporate businesses, government, and religious organizations are run.

Her music is the embodiment of etherealism– creating narratives that ultimately seek to challenge the phantasm we live in; painting vivid imagery with sometimes nothing but her voice.” ~ Hayku Kyah

There is something special about Hayku Kyah who is a rarely-heard artist who is compellingly outstanding on this quite scintillating effort that is beyond what you thought you knew before. She blends in her excellently-penned poetry with optimum impact on the mic – in a world that often tries to cover up so much and praise cruelly discovered Blood Diamonds – and teaches us really little that actually matters unless you choose to be self-enlightened and heroically disregard the noise.

Gunfyre‘ from the superb Toronto, Canada-born, Melbourne, Australia-based indie solo artist Hayku Kyah, is an open-your-eyes experience of magnetic proportions you can’t help but listen to on full volume. There is pulsating energy that seems to bring your perspective back into reality away from distracting yourself from the truth.

We are in the midst of a mightily skilled lyricist who raps with a poetic style you feel so compelled to close your eyes with, as you grit your teeth and wonder why there is so much greed and unnecessary carnage in such a beautifully created world.

This is one of the most mind-bending singles you will hear in this or any other year.

Hear a true speaker-booming modern classic made with rare honesty on Spotify and see more on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen