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Finding that calming wind: Aylin Taşar (Feat. Barış Özkırış) are so wonderful on fitting tribute to the sad passing of ‘Hayal’

Aylin Taşar (Feat. Barış Özkırış) sings with such calming grace on the new emotionally-charged Turkish language single called ‘Hayal‘.

Aylin Taşar is a well-known holistic voice trainer, vocal coach and composer based in Turkey. She makes music with a special spiritual blend that carries care and love throughout the creation.

This tender song is dedicated to the precious memory of Hayal Ta Ppınar, who sadly passed away in 2018. These two musician have done a stunning tribute to the loving memory of a special soul they cared for so much.

The engrossing story about how a sad song just keeps on playing again and again in her dreaming mind while she is fast asleep. It plays again and again- the melody sad and traumatic at times. Its quite eerily familiar to hear as she walks in the forest while finding her way to the end of this story. She then walks towards the light and things are more promising as the fears slowly wash away and there is hope again.

Her calming voice is so tender and sweet as his backing vocals adds to much to make this a terrific duo combination. They both sing with love and you can hear that they are still in pain while singing about this loss, as they are still healing inside their hearts.

Hayal‘ from elegant Turkish singer-songwriter Aylin Taşar (Feat. Barış Özkırış) is a gripping song about losing your way in a dream and then finding subconscious strength to make your own ending. Life can take you on a long and winding path, filled with self-doubt sometimes but there is always a way to find that calm wind inside you to fly where you want to go and not let anyone hold you back ever again.

Rest in peace Hayal. You would be so proud of this incredible song that Aylin and Barış have made for you. They dream of your memory and miss you so much.

Watch this fascinating video on YouTube and see more from this wonderful musician on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen