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NYC alternative artist Haven shows us her legit progression with ‘Dear My First Hate’

Taken off her enchanting 4-track EP called ‘Narcissus‘, Haven drops something so uniquely brilliant that is filled with a sensually classy beat that will have you embracing her latest single, ‘Dear My First Hate‘.

Haven is a New York City, USA-based indie alternative solo artist who is always developing and continues to evolve constantly with inspiring consequences.

Her music explores themes of the anxiety of holding onto the past and the mistakes made from it, along with the strength and power in letting go. The new EP “Narcissus” tackles the trials and tribulations of dealing with a covert narcissist, but most importantly the frailty and fury felt by the victim that comes after.” ~ Haven

Opening up our minds in a way that only she can, Haven sends a rapid shockwave through to those who need a wake-up call with devastatingly efficient effect. With a simply sublime performance that shall rattle your earlobes and get you to open up your eyes to what happens when the curtains are closed, this is a mentally-educational single that the whole world needs to hear.

Dear My First Hate‘ from the New York City, USA-based indie alternative solo artist Haven, is one of those rare moments that has you looking profoundly into your mirror. There is so much cinematic intelligence here that you will have you pondering the times when you hurt someone – or when you were thrown away like a used plastic packet – by someone who had no care for your valuable soul. The vocals presented are quite stunning and this is a storyteller’s delight, from a true professional who is only improving where others stagnate, at the crucial innovative progression that keeps the spirit alive.

Hear this intense new single on Spotify and follow her socials on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen