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She Comes Around When She Wants Me: Hatter desires that naughty-can-be ‘Secret Lover’ (feat. Amera Jade)

Produced by OmniBeats, Hatter wants to get away for the weekend as when they link up, everything else seems to float away into insignificance on ‘Secret Lover(feat. Amera Jade).

Hatter is a UK-based rapper, travel enthusiast, songwriter, mental health advocate and music producer. He is a former Garage and Drum & Bass MC and Club Host, who has made a memorable return with a riveting blend of RnB/soul music that stirs our senses awake just right.

This song is based on a true story about meeting a stranger who was already in a relationship and falling in “love at first sight”.
It embraces the deepest desire of having a discreet connection with a “Secret Lover”, encourages us to act on our emotions and feel those butterflies in your stomach even if you’re in a relationship with someone else.” ~ Hatter

This is the movie-like story of meeting someone you desire real quick – as your smile broadens brightly and a bit more cheekily – you both know you shouldn’t be together, but the connection is too hot to ignore.

Made with a sizzling air of steamy ambiance that heats up the barbecue without any firelighters needed, you feel their attracted eyes link up and never let go, even if there are fireworks in the sky already.

As an intrepid traveller and holding a belief to always learn new things, my influences are constantly evolving due to my interactions with people from around the world but always focus on energy and emotions that connect with everyday people regardless of their gender, race, or social status.” ~ Hatter

Secret Lover(feat. Amera Jade) from the UK based artist Hatter, is that mind-stimulating track which takes you to a sexy place you can’t forget easily. With a sensual atmosphere, a catchy beat, ravishing raps and a sensational singer, this is that summer track to turn up and let flow, as long as you want.

Hear this sensual new single on Spotify and check out more from his IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen