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London’s Harvey Dormer shudders at the feeling of the shadowy presence with rocking single, ‘I Don’t Like You’ (feat. Esther Barnes)

While he feels that treacherous midst lather worryingly all over his heavy chest as he moves closer to this lover who used to give him the opposite feeling, Harvey Dormer opens up the curtains to show us inside his damaged soul with ‘I Don’t Like You(feat. Esther Barnes).

Harvey Dormer is a London, UK-born alternative-rock singer-songwriter, Creative Director, and Illustrator who has fearlessly decided to ultimately release his music to the world.

Music for me has always been a creative and emotional outlet, but I’ve only recently kicked myself into gear and started releasing it to the world – knowing full well that if I didn’t younger me would be very disappointed and older me would be pretty remorseful.” ~ Harvey Dormer

Turning on the bright torch and valiantly showing us into this sad picture that could break at any moment, Harvey Dormer sends us an emotional single – about a relationship that turned toxic – and made him physically sick like smelling polluted water when he shouldn’t have been near this destruction in the first place.

I Don’t Like You(feat. Esther Barnes) from the London, UK-born alternative-rock singer-songwriter and visual creative professional Harvey Dormer is a darkly-lit tale of a former romance that you wish you hadn’t sunk deeply into like a diver without a mask, but still, somehow want to make work.

In a complicated world, the thought of being alone is too hard to fathom, even though you know that you could find someone easier for the heart to be connected with.

Listen to this dark single on Soundcloud and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen