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Harry Baker Opens Up Conversation with his Jazzy Soul Pop Track ‘Talk to Me’

To affirm the belief that there is always a silver lining in any given situation, breaking Alternative artist Harry Baker has released their lockdown-inspired and lockdown-created single ‘Talk to Me’ which celebrates the sense of community which has transpired from physical isolation.

While many people within the industry have been hit hard by the pandemic or have simply resigned to apathy, other artists are using music for its true purpose; to communicate wisdom and offer connection.

With their infectiously soulful approach to the soundscape which mixes elements of Blues, Pop and RnB with lashings of nuancedly accessible Jazz, it isn’t only the sentiment of the single which will leave your soul sated.

To extend the distinction of their sound, Harry Baker tends to lend from a non-linear timeline when it comes to their influences. You’ll find 90s grooves alongside even more nostalgic elements of Blues and Jazz. Yet, nothing about Talk to Me feels archaic.

With the subject matter address in this compassionately essential single, each and every component feels raw and urgent. From the dreamy hazy shimmering guitar tones to the robustly blaring yet succinctly melded sax solos, each component amps up the level of emotion while simultaneously offering resolving catharsis as you lose yourself in the lyric-less verses which have been left bare to emphasise the state of loneliness we’re all feeling now.

Everything in the production neatly and synergistically falls into place thanks to production help from Alex Linder (Flood for the Famine) and mastering from Pete Maher (The Rolling Stones, The 1975 and U2).

Talk to Me is far from the UK and Spain-based artist’s first achievement. With three albums under their belt, plenty of attention from BBC introducing and having played with the likes of Jamiroquai and Yolanda Charles, they’ve certainly made their mark on the industry, but it is easy to feel like the best is yet to come.

Talk to Me is available to stream via Spotify. Or, you can check out the community-created official music video which released on November 29th via YouTube.

To keep up to date with the artist’s future releases you can follow them via Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Harry Baker has dropped RnB infused single Eagles

The soul artist that is Harry Baker has released his latest single ‘Eagles’ along with a stripped-back version. Bringing in that uplifting sound of Jazz and Hip-Hop combined.

Instantly this wave of energy hits you, the melody that pulses out of the background is catchy and each second has this fast-paced upbeat rhythm. Constantly keeping this lively feeling flowing through and keeping that positive energy throughout.

The vocal ranges tend to be higher in pitch, having that mellow tone to them the way in which the voice and instrumentation combine together is what makes you feel good when you listen to it, when it all comes together it instantly moves you.

If you’re more of a fan of ditching the autotune and added effects then the stripped back version will be the one for you. Hearing that everything just how it is, the roar emotion that seeps through the vocals and the calming elements of the instrumentation.

Check out Harry Baker’s Eagles by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Karley Myall