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Kolby – Kindness & Courage: Hypnotically Harmonious Indie

Kindness & Courage is the title track to the new EP from Kolby, an emerging Indie Singer Songwriter from Encinitas, USA.

His sweet and subtle styling creates a hypnotically pacifying sound courtesy of his soft vocal ability and the mellow and melodic pace to his debut track.

Whilst his discography is made up of slightly more harsher sounds, Kindness and Courage inspires a great hope for the future of this subtly genius artist who has the ability to create music you can easily fall into. Through his latest track he dabbles in worldly timbres, he matches his acoustic guitar strumming with eerie synth resonance to plug his sound with perpetual motion.

It’s clear that Kolby doesn’t like to inflict any genre limitations as it flows through Synth Pop, to Soft Rock, indie to Alternative to create a truly eclectic mix for his fans. Whatever the sound he curates, it’s evident that he injects his soul, passion and poetry into every new musical venture.

Check out the title track Kindness & Courage via SoundCloud using the link below:

For more on Kolby’s much anticipated upcoming releases, head on over to his official website: