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Can’t Be Fixed: Hannah Kalfas feels regret for trying to mend a broken soul on debut track ‘Shoulda Known’

She was so glad that she got out before it was too late. Hannah Kalfas walks away from someone that is severely damaged and manipulative beyond reason, on her much-awaited debut track called ‘Shoulda Known‘.

Hannah Kalfas is a young and motivated indie-pop singer-songwriter from the hotbed of the music world, Nashville in Tennessee. She has a rare gift of an aesthetically pleasurable vocal ability — mixed with smartly worded lyrics —  that gives you that thoughtful perspective, on what could of been if you didn’t close that door for good.

You feel her sugary voice washing over all you in the wind-swept ocean, as she remembers being pulled away by the lifeguard of her own intuition. She tried in vain to save him, as his selfish deeds took over and made him turn into someone that she didn’t want anything to do with. The story of trying to help someone who didn’t want to be helped is way too common in this know-it-all google world, and causes friends and lovers to be lost into the dark hole of despair forever.

Shoulda Known‘ from the emerging Nashville indie-pop singer-songwriter Hannah Kalfas, has you thinking deeply about when you knew something was so true, but you chose to look the other way and now regret that decision that luckily didn’t cause as much damage as it could. Live and learn, trust must always be earned.

Hear this delightful talent as she climbs up the music ranks on Spotify and see her authentically pure IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen