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HÆRT returns with the soulful ‘Let It Sail’

HÆRT returns with the soulful ‘Let It Sail‘ that brings forth some fantastic vocals in this electronic-pop dazzler.

It feels like we have just sailed over the ocean to hearty delight. The song, constructed with love and meaning, we are now at peace. Sometimes, we have to let it go and set the heart free again. Things were good for a while but now things have to come to an end otherwise more pain will rear it’s ugly head.

Let It Sail‘ from HÆRT is a song about letting it all go. You don’t want to keep hold of anything for too long otherwise you will get too comfortable. This is a fine song with fantastic production. With a vivid story, we are placed in this great story with the mixture of genres all in one. This is a track made with love and you learn a different part of life.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen