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That Sweet Connection: JahMakesMusic! seeks out that soul-charmingly wonderful ‘Satisfaction’

With a soulful vibe that has you entranced with delight, JahMakesMusic! has us all singing along with much music ‘Satisfaction‘ for the freed body to enjoy lovingly.

JahMakesMusic! is an inspirational and gritty Hackensack, New Jersey-born, Baltimore in Maryland-raised indie RnB/soul singer-songwriter, who alongside his trusted producer Tamira Slade, sweetly intermingle that authentic rhythm that is solely created to bring positive energy, to a world that seems dark and hopeless sometimes.

Taken off his two-years-in-the-making debut eight-track EP called ‘Love After Heartbreak‘, you can feel his inner most struggles but positive creation streak through from the cold, each word is sung with a desire to never go back to where he was, as his music transcends all barriers.

This is the story of that sweet love that you want to last forever, as you bodies want the night to stay alive forever. Your souls are intertwined and this could be something special that you will both never forget. You love each other and the aim is to show each other that this is different to the rest.

Satisfaction‘ from JahMakesMusic!, is the type of song that warms your heart, as this is the ultimate comeback story of a man who was homeless for a year. He fought back to where he is now, as his voice bellows gloriously to spread a message of peace, love and self-awareness. Life is all about being happy and doing what you truly care after all, no matter what happened in the past.

Stream this new track here on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


New Jersey singer-songwriter Jah remembers past love on excellent ”Why”

Jah is a 19 year old RnB singer-songwriter from Hackensack in New Jersey. After being inspired by his Mother and generations of a music-playing family, Jah knew music what what he really wanted to do. Play and let the positive light that he brings shine through.

Why” is a song about a past love that was so real, you were convinced that this was it. You opened up and brought them close inside and gave them your soul. Then it ended and you wonder what might of been if they thought as highly as you. Sometimes it’s just not meant to be.

Jah is a soulful artist who wishes to only heal and help the world with his music. This is an artist who is someone you turn up loud and listen to each word. This has a proper message that needs to be heard.

What a track. Spotify is the place to stream this top R&B anthem.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen