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Calming The Rough Seas: The extraordinary CICI Zhu brings us such tranquil peace and healing power with ‘Mirage’

With her exquisite style and stunning energy which makes all the unnecessary stresses go away in a quick instant, CICI Zhu is utterly magnificent on a song you will want to play again and again to calm all with ‘Mirage‘.

CICI Zhu is a massively talented and fully focused Zhengtronic music producer, vocalist, pianist, Guzheng (Chinese harp) player, honors in music production student, who is from Shanghai, China, was raised in London, UK, and is now based in the USA.

After growing up with her family’s deep ties to Chinese traditional music – plus fusing her own worldly experiences and knowledge – you feel her classy shine come straight through the speakers, that feel so warm and cared for suddenly. Each second is not wasted at all, her poise and skill is quite stupendously appealing.

Mirage‘ from the awe-inspiring USA-based hybrid Zhengtronic producer and yoga student CICI Zhu, is the type of song that you feel comforted by and everything doesn’t seem that bad after listening to her beautiful work of art. We are witnessing a world class musician who has carefully elevated her craft to wonderful levels of enjoyment, and it feels like she is only getting started.

Hear this gorgeous new single on Spotify and see more visuals on her IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen