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Embark on an aural space odyssey with Sunset Afire’s doomy cinematic track, Red Sails

Singularity by Sunset Afire

Doomy, groovy, cinematic tonal palettes feel more fitting than ever, and that’s just what the Brooklyn, New York-hailing post-hardcore outfit, Sunset Afire, delivered with their album, Singularity.

The standout single, Red Sails, is an atmospheric introduction to the nihilistically fuelled minds behind the vicious yet sublimely composed furore in the seminal album.

Rather than going full pedal to the metal, Sunset Afire knew exactly where to throw the fire into the single with the gorgeously layered male and female vocals and where to strip it back to build the tension. Red Sails doesn’t go full-on space odyssey rock opera; instead, it keeps grungy nuances at the heart of the progressively electrifying track that we can’t wait to hear more of. They’ve definitely made an ever-lasting impression with their elevated experimentalism.

Red Sails is now available to stream and download via Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

The Be Colony – Ghosts: Psychedelically Rich Vintage Groove Rock

It’s almost impossible to believe that the latest single “Ghosts” from The Be Colony was born in 2019. Throughout the track, the warm tonality of the vintage 70s guitars envelops you in a rich soundscape which leaves you even more immersed with every tentative deftly orchestrated progression.

Even though The Be Colony may have drawn heavily on the past for inspiration of their latest release, they added plenty of depth and mind-bending texture to well and truly make the sound their own. With vocals as distinctive as Angel Olsen’s and instrumentals which carve out colourful melodies and psychedelic layers of catharsis Ghosts carries an impossibly magnetic allure which will quite literally leave you in a state of hypnotic transfixion.

You can check out the official music video to The Be Colony’s latest single “Ghosts” by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast