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Kelvo’s Laidback Cuts Got Sharper with His Latest Alt-Hip-Hop Release, Got2Change

North London’s Kelvo is riding an exotically mellow new wave of hip-hop while harking back to 70s soul & funk and 90s hip-hop with his latest single, Got2Change, which showcases his ability to weave introspective lyrics with vibrant beats and transcendent swathes of soul.

From the outset, ‘Got2Change’ sinks you into a tropical-infused groove; the soundscape lays the perfect foundation for Kelvo’s smooth rap bars, which glide effortlessly over the beat. His flow is as smooth as velvet, creating a striking contrast with the colourful vibrancy of the instrumental arrangement.

Instrumentally, Got2Change is a holiday from the gritty streets of London, but the big smoke is infused in the razor-sharp flow of Kelvo as he delves into themes of self-growth and introspection, challenging listeners to awaken from the slumber of unrealised potential. In essence, Got2Change is a call to action, an invitation to strip away tension and embrace a more reflective state of mind.

Got2Change will hit all major platforms on March 27th, stream it via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast