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Reverend James Elmore Jenkins keeps the devil at bay in his blues rock jam, Diapsalmata Blues

Few artists do bluesy rock n roll as reverently as Tennessee-born, South Carolina-residing artist Reverend James Elmore Jenkins, as proven by the unadulterated groove-driven swagger in his latest single, Diapsalmata Blues.

His red-hot vintage overdriven tones make The Black Keys sound like cultural appropriation while he’s blazing through the raunch-laced jam riffs that any blues rock fan will want spread across their speakers. If you can tear your attention away from the audible smoky beguile, you’ll hear the minister’s intent to push sermonic gospel through his root-wrapped hits. I may be of the impious inclination, but the uplifting soul entwined with worldly well-intentioned wisdom in Diapsalmata Blues did more than hit the wholesome spot. For your own sake, hit play.

Diapsalmata Blues will be available to stream from March 16th. Hear it on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

DONALD NIGHT – Broken: A Sermon in a Soundscape

Christian & Gospel artist, DONALD NIGHT, released his soulfully sermonic single, Broken, earlier this year; with old school blues nuances feeding into the melody behind the stridently passionate vocals as they instil hope and resilience in the listener, Broken succeeds in lifting spirits to the same level as NIGHT’s.

With so many people out there self-diagnosing themselves as broken, DONALD NIGHT’s single is a timely triumph as it reminds listeners that giving up is never the only option. Even those who don’t find themselves religiously inclined will find salvation in this single. For the pious, Broken has all the makings of a mood-boosting playlist staple.

Broken is now available to stream on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast