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‘Gore’ by The Wind Chasers Club: A full throttle, face melting punk fest!

gore by the wind chasers club

The Wind Chasers Club are a popular Californian band with a difference. Their unafraid glare rests upon the subject of love and exposes the raw nerves of its complexity with painfully naked  flamboyance. They refuse to dance on the periphery of their subject matter but rather, through rip roaring vocals and an ingeniously shredded guitar performance, they fearlessly plunge headlong into the blood, sweat, tears and other messy fluids of love, leapfrogging over all of the mushy stuff and taking us on an eyes-wide-open journey.

Its safe to say that these guys revel in the dark spaces of reality but unlike others in their genre, they are able to produce a nuanced, non-traditional song structure that perfectly reels the listener in, with the all-important ebbs and flows needed to relay a complete allegory. All in all, ‘Gore’ by The Wind Chasers Club is an enlightened, contemporary punk-goth offering that is nothing short of perfection. The track oozes with talent and obvious labour of love. I’m excited to hear what they come up with next.

Have a listen to ‘Gore’ by The Wind Chasers Club on Bandcamp. Not for the fainthearted!