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Goodbye Hong Kong

Manel Espinosa gives a fond farewell story on new pop single, ‘Goodbye Hong Kong’

Bringing us into this sad story that will reflect poignantly with so many of us who have dealt with the vivid sentiments captured with this heart-break moment, Manel Espinosa shows us an emotional escapade you might need tissues for on ‘Goodbye Hong Kong‘.

Manel Espinosa is a Dublin, Ireland and Alicante, Spain indie-pop singer-songwriter who sings with such honest love and tender care during each one of his catchy singles.

Lighting a warm fire that seems to glow so brightly under the shooting stars in the sky above, Manel Espinosa signals his intentions with a kind single that has been created with simmering exuberance intertwined into affectionate lyrics that brings you into this tale of leaving it all behind.

Goodbye Hong Kong‘ from the dynamic indie-pop artist Manel Espinosa, is a loving single that shows you his natural energy that shines through so brightly. This is a track that could be for anyone that is leaving home or a person behind, as you make sure that you take time to make a real tribute with style. Sung with real charm and effortless vocals, we find a musician showing us into a world that so many of us can really relate to.

Hear this expressive new single on Spotify and take a peek into his life on IG.

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