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Pop Stunna twisted trap with tropic heat and soul in his standout track, Good Talk

Pop Stunna’s standout single, Good Talk, from his fourth album, Youth, is a vibrant rebellion against the conventional trap narrative. The Austin, TX artist unleashed a spectrum of sonic vibrancy with Good Talk, turning the trap genre into a canvas of tropical hues and soulful rhythms.

Good Talk radiates with a warmth that’s as rare as it is captivating in the trap arena. His bars, fervent and full of life, impale the track with energy so tangible that listeners are instantly locked into its impassioned groove as Stunna runs through lyrics which pay ode to the complexities you find in the people you fall for and find connection within.

Distinct from his contemporaries, Pop Stunna’s persona is a blend of cool composure and aspirational verve. His American-Nigerian heritage, extensive global travels, and academic achievements lend a unique depth to his music. This track is not just a listening experience; it’s a journey through Pop Stunna’s richly textured worldview.

The single stands out for its masterful fusion of high-energy raps and catchy hooks, a signature style of Pop Stunna. Influences from Jay Z to Nina Simone echo through the beats, creating a sound that’s both a nod to the greats and a bold stride into new territories.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast