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Good Ole Tuesday

All My Timelines Love Me: Jay Threatt rejoices on his favorite time of the week with ‘Good Ole Tuesday’

As he sings with such enthusiasm about the best time of the week for him, Jay Threatt gives us some insight into what soothes his soul, with the provocative new single ‘Good Ole Tuesday‘.

Jay Threatt is an entertaining North Mississippi indie singer-songwriter and music producer, who makes those fun songs that takes the top off your mood and takes you to a place that is far away from the stress of the world.

This is the story about appreciating a day where the energy is a bit more relaxed than most, as the summer comes in and the appreciation is high with what is awaiting on his timeline, no matter what the social media channel.

He sings with such a fun style, his voice reflects his mood and performs in such a way that lets you know that he doesn’t take life too seriously, as he brings us a lighter moment to take away the darkness.

Good Ole Tuesday’ from North Mississippi singer-songwriter/producer Jay Threatt, is that chill track to sit back with, as you groove with an entertaining artist who sends us a mellow vibe, that has you smiling and singing with him.

See this vibrant new single on YouTube and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen